RHF CrossFit is a nonprofit community-based CrossFit gym in South Seattle's Rainier Valley that focuses on strength and conditioning by incorporating functional movements. Our supportive community will provide a positive atmosphere and accountability to help you reach your fitness goals. CrossFit is constantly varied so that your workout routine doesn't lead to boredom and plateaus.

As the only nonprofit CrossFit gym in Washington State, we serve our community by providing sliding scales, affordable rates, scholarship and volunteer opportunities as well as childcare. RHF CrossFit members represent the 98118 community. Attend any of the 25+ classes that we offer each week and you’ll see people from all over the globe represented within the gym. At a much more affordable rate compared to neighboring gyms and unlimited access to attend classes 6 days a week, RHF CrossFit has been providing affordable access to a high quality CrossFit program in the Rainier Valley since 2013. 

RHF CrossFit is an extension of Rainier Health and Fitness (RHF), a non-profit gym that aims to provide affordable access to a high quality fitness center. We are nestled in Seattle's Rainier Beach neighborhood. RHF CrossFit is a program of Urban Impact, a non-profit that aims to partner with families and communities to break the cycles of social, material and spiritual poverty.

4 classes in and I’m really enjoying RHF CrossFit! Thanks to the coaches for modifying the WODs for me and the support from everyone! I look forward to getting to know more of you and reaching my fitness goals
— Niki, RHF CrossFit member
I personally thought [CrossFit] was just for a bunch of professional or semi-pro doing Olympic things. And it is not.
— Debby, RHF CrossFit member
Serious training without the “bro” culture
— RHF CrossFit Member
I love RHF CrossFit because it looks like South Seattle and it has amazing music!
— RHF CrossFit Member