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RHF CROSSFIT TRAINER, Director of Rainier Health & Fitness

Alicia became a trainer through her interest in sports and study of community health during college. She enjoys tennis and running and once participated in a 12 mile course where one of the obstacles included being electrocuted (Alicia claims that was fun, but NOT fun). She's been known to demonstrate extreme determination biking to work in freezing, icy weather every day. Oh yeah, and she once hiked/lived in the mountains for two weeks!

Alicia has been a group and personal trainer at Rainier Health & Fitness since 2007. She's a certified trainer NASM -CPT and in 2014 obtained her CrossFit Level 1.

CrossFit Trainer



Throughout his life, Patrick has been active and athletic. He played soccer, tried basketball and used to run 800 meters, but was always most interested in playing soccer and running. Being competitive, he feels like through health and fitness he continues to experience the same while also staying healthy.

Patrick has been a group and personal trainer at Rainier Health & Fitness since 2009. He's a certified trainer NASM -CPT and in 2016 obtained his CrossFit Level 2.




Marla is passionate about engaging with RHF members, whether she's facilitating a training or sorting out an account as our front desk administrator. She received a bachelor of science degree in biology and also studied kinesiology and psychology. While at university, Marla played women's basketball. She continues to enjoy sports, hiking, biking and long walks through parks.

Marla is a certified trainer NASM - CPT and obtained her CrossFit Level 1 and American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Certification.



Jessica loves being active by riding her bike, participating in RHF CrossFit and her number one passion: soccer. Sometimes she combines CrossFit with an additional workout at RHF plus biking over twenty miles round-trip to and from work! Jessica completed her bachelors in psychology at the University of Washington. She says, "Even if you slow down, even if you don’t have the best time or the heaviest weight, what matters is that you got through your workout and that you finished and that’s an accomplishment. It’s about making that progression even if it’s small steps but to feel that you’re moving forward."

Jessica is a certified NASM - CPT, and obtained her CrossFit Level 1 and American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Certification. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.




Since 2013, Buiford started to work at Rainier Health & Fitness as a volunteer teaching fitness classes from group training to Silversneakers. In 2015, he became a certified personal trainer with passion for fitness. He has a background of sports that includes football & wrestling which can explain why he can be so loud when instructing classes. Tough love is all he's about because he cares about his gym members and wants them to achieve their fitness goals.

Buiford is NSCA-CPT certified, CrossFit L1 certified, and CPR/AED certified. He is looking to complete his Exercise Science degree at Eastern Washington University to work in the Sports Performance industry.



Malachi has been coaching at RHF since May 2017. He started doing CrossFit 8 years ago and has been coaching for the last 6 years. His favorite moments at the gym are seeing people around him develop and learn new skills whether that is their first pull-up, heaviest deadlift, or quickest run around the block.

His favorite motto when training is from Pat Sherwood, a CrossFit staff member:

“The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax. Have fun. Work out.”

Malachi is a Crossfit Level 2 trainer and CPR/AED certified. He has also taken specialty courses in Olympic weightlifting and mobility. He loves heavy cleans and avocados. He struggles with running and saying no to pizza.

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